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I’m Sophia Ann French, and I’ve been practising yoga for 20 years. The foundation of my practice began with Mumbai-based BKS Iyengar teacher, Kobad Variava, and at present, I live in Mysore, India, where I learned Ashtanga Yoga in the Tirumalai Krishnamacharya tradition. I’m a dedicated practitioner of Vipassanā meditation as taught by Sri S.N.Goenka. I’ve been a journalist for over a decade and worked as the Features Editor of Elle Decor, India, and the Managing Editor of Elle, India. My writing has been published in Indian and international media and my articles have been translated into Mandarin, Italian and German. I launched The Yoga Life to feature interviews with Indian and international yoga teachers, in-depth articles on yoga and philosophy, and articles on Indian art and aesthetics. If you like what you read in The Yoga Life, check out my poetry on my Instagram handle @sophiefrenchwrites

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Practitioner of Vipassanā, student of yoga, journalist, poet.